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Re: Red Tape Distribution

Poster: Kara and Rabah <rabah@ix.netcom.com>

Lord Evan forwarded the following quote to me:

>It is my understanding that a new Red Tape is available. Further, I was given to understand that all paid members were to receive a copy of same (after all, it is just Kingdom Law). Finally, I have been told that the Red Tape is_not_being generally distributed, and that one must attend a Kingdom Level Event to get a copy.

Hi folks, Lord Rabah az-Zafar, Kingdom Chronicler for Atlantia here.  Once and for all, here's what is going on with the new Red Tape Issue. Please go to your local business meetings and let the rest of the populace know what is going on, okay!?

     Bottom line is this: If you are/were a member who received the June Acorn you are entitled to a copy of the New Red Tape. The mailing list was received from Milpitas and is based on who was a member at that time. (Copies are not being supplied to those readers of the Acorn who live outside of Atlantia with the exception of the Kingdom Seneschals, Kingdom Chroniclers, BoD Members, & Corporate Officers).

     The Kingdom cannot afford to pay for the postage for this project and can barely afford to pay for the reproduction. It was agreed at Curia that the Red Tape would be hand delivered, and that copies should be made available at all major Kingdom Level events until they have been handed out. I have since handed out over 1000 copies at the following events: Coronation of Galmr & Katharina, Emerald Joust, University, The Gathering II, and Highland River Melees.

     I still have 343 copies left to distribute as follows:
          17 to Maryland
          10 to Washington DC
          101 to Virginia
          96 to North Carolina
          95 to South Carolina

     If your membership lapsed or you became a new member starting July 96 or later you will have to wait until I can get the rest of the copies distributed and give the extras to the Kingdom Clerk of Law (probably after Coronation). The extra copies will probably be available for a small fee to cover the copying and postage (this will probably be around $5.00, as the postage alone is $1.93).

     If you have not received your copy yet, please review the list of Seneschals and Baron/esses below who have picked up multiple copies for further distribution to their group(s). If your group is listed, contact that person to see if they picked up your copy.

     If they don't have it, or if your group is not listed, contact me directly to see if I still have your mailing label. If I still have your mailing label, your choices are this:

     1) Go to one of the events I plan on attending and pick it up there. (see list below)
     2) Send me $1.93 to cover the postage (Checks made out to Ross Wilkins, please)
         and I'll mail it to you directly.
     3) Have your Seneschal send me a list of the Zip Codes for your group. I will let
         them know how many copies are left for those zip codes and what it will cost to 
         UPS those copies to them. Once I receive the check, I'll UPS the group's copies 
         to the Seneschal for further distribution.

     Seneschal's who have already picked up copies for their group: Dun Carraig, Highland Foorde, Lochmere, Roxbury Mill, & Sacred Stone.

     Baron/esses who have already picked up copies for their group: Bright Hills, Marinus, Ponte Alto, Storvik, Tir-y-Don, Windmaster's Hill.

     Copies for Bordervale Keep were picked up at Emerald Joust by a kind gentle who was going to be traveling that way, and Duke Bertrand and his lady (whose name I have completely spaced) picked up several copies for Cear Mear at The Gathering.

     I am hoping/planning to attend the following events: 

Jul 12-14    Pennsic Pre-School (Marinus) (teaching classes)
Sep 13-15  Baronial Birthday (Marinus) (running Bardic and Games competitions)
Oct 5         Coronation of Logan & Arielle (King's Mountain) (running Rabah's Karavan)
Oct 19        Autumn Pilgrimage (Tir-y-Don) (running Rabah's Karavan)
Oct 25-27   All Hallows Eve XVI (Berley Cort)
Nov 1-3       Crown Tourney (TBA)
Nov 9          Barnacled Bullfrog (Marinus) (Running Rabah's Karavan)
Dec 7-8       Unevent & Curia (Teaching Chronicler's class)

     If you still have questions feel free to contact me and I'll do what I can to answer them:

      Lord Rabah az-Zafar
      Ross E. Wilkins
      3609 Forest Glen Road
      Virginia Beach, VA 23452-3014
      H (757) 631-2718
      W (757) 857-4099 (M-F 8 am to 6 pm or later . . .)
      email: rabah@ix.netcom.com

Chronicly yours,

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