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Re: Re[2]: Disc: Pay-to-Fight <LONG>

Poster: Mark Schuldenfrei <schuldy@abel.MATH.HARVARD.EDU>

Greetings from Tibor.

Tadhg wrote:
  Tibor, it probably depends on the particular ground you stand. It appears 
  that you have only been required to produce proof of insurance for less than 
  25% of your events. Count your blessings.

True.  Both of them were National Guard armories.  Which we can no longer use
(darn it) because they are being required to decommision their kitchens.  I
really liked having a fighting and archery site where we could fight indoors,
and which was walking distance from the subway.  Oh, well.

I am amazed (and pleased) that the local High School I'll be using for East
Kingdom University (and, with luck, Known World Arts and Sciences) don't
require proof of insurance.
  I also live in a major metropolitan area--albeit, profoundly steeped in the 
  concepts of bureaucracy. I have had to produce the same proof of insurance 
  for EVERY event and fighter practice site--absolutely 100%. Unfortunately, I 
  know of no exceptions to that rule down here.

Interesting.  Schools, churches, private schools?  Public parks?  Campgrounds?
Summer camps during the off-season?  Nerts.  That is frustrating.
  (Ominpotence without omniscience is damn dangerous.)

Would that I could tell you from first hand experience, Tadhg.  The fun I
could be having right now... (:-)

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