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Re: Heartache....

Poster: Rowanwald South <rowanwald@wwisp.com>

SWMyers@aol.com wrote:
> Poster: SWMyers@aol.com
> Sent this to both Galmr and Katherina (separately).  What do you think?
> In a message dated 96-07-08 22:07:23 EDT, a friend Knight from Trimaris
> writes:
> <<  Dear Bran,
>     It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.........


Though there may be calabration problems between Atlantian knights and 
others, and yes it is a problem, as you were not at the event this letter 
thus constiutes MUD SLINGING on the list and should have been handled in 
private.  Using the list for this purpose is wrong.  I know that you have 
done good things for the Society and the Kingdom in the past but please 
reevaluate your motives before posting like this again.

So sorry for venting

Eric P Holmes (this does not warrent the honor of my society name Philip 
the Bashful)

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