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DISC - Re: Heartache....

Poster: Donald Wagner <polearmed@worldnet.att.net>

An extra measure of Allah's Blessed Peace upon the denizens of the Rose!!

SWMyers@aol.com wrote:
> Poster: SWMyers@aol.com
> Sent this to both Galmr and Katherina (separately).  What do you think?
> In a message dated 96-07-08 22:07:23 EDT, a friend Knight from Trimaris
> writes:
> <snipped>
> This letter makes me want to cry.  In part, because I know this man speaks
> for the majority of his Kingdom, but mostly, because I fear that his
> assessments are entirely too correct.  I serve Your Majesties with all of my
> heart, but this is killing me.

OUCH!! It hurts me, too.  Yet, I am concerned as to why you had to post this 
to the rose.  It may be better in the long run to have done it this way, but 
like you said, this hurts.

I'll say this about Anton(I won't speak for the rest of Mooselodge, I don't 
know them all that well), but Anton has not been an "immortal" to me - 
one-on-one or melee.  I wouldn't have thought that when I moved into town.(a 
couple of boys still on the tit that couldn't do anything but complain that 
they couldn't kill Anton or Cuan) Go to a practice with them and you'll learn 
how to kill them (now and again) if you can deal with the pain.  I think onw 
reason they hold their own practice and rarely attend others is because they 
know they scare off newbies.  BTW, Anton is abrasive and short of tact, 
sometimes.  I even think he is man enough to admit that.  But if you don't 
see past that you're gonna miss the thing you needed to hear that day and if 
so, pity be.  Pity be, indeed.

This Trimarian Knight did mention that he fought these guys and they called 
everything he hit them with.(not verbatim)  Does that mean its just the 
melees they have a problem with?  Could it be that the confusion of the fray 
is what these guys rely on?  Does the rhino factor figure in here?

Since TRMs and TRHs read this list, we know they have seen this.  I won't 
comment further on it unless I can be part of a solution for better relations 
with Trimaris(Did _I_ say that;)

As for you, Your Highness, have you been abusing the serving wenches again?
;)  tsk..tsk..tsk..:p 
(I know, I know....bring my armor next time I see you)

Donald Wagner                            Falcone al Rasool ibn Muhajir
Raleigh, NC                              Barony of Windmasters' Hill
Knowledge Engineer - AT&T                Kingdom of Atlantia
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