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Re: Heartache....

Poster: "Eric J. Campbell" <ejcampbe@unity.ncsu.edu>

> >Sent this to both Galmr and Katherina (separately).  What do you think?
> I think it was a mistake to send this to the Merry Rose.

Perhaps, but I have heard many rumors that were mentioned in the letter.
I personally would like to hear the answers to these complaints.
Especially the different calibration for the plate armor.
And the alleged abuse of a server.

These have reached my ears without the list and the list will simply 
help put the facts against or behind these rumors.

> I simply hope that what I see as an inevitable furor caused
> by these too personal elements will blow over quickly, leaving a
> determination to improve.

This vocal statement is little more than a reiteration of complaints I 
have heard since I joined four years ago. 

I think the furor this will raise will hopefully lead to either a 
dissproof of the rumors or enough of an outcry that the problems will 

just my thoughts  

There can be only juan!
                         <100% columbian coffee> 
Eric Jon Campbell Graduating <and employable;)> Textile Engineering at NCSU
(alias) Xavier Campbell amateur blacksmith and brewer

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