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Re: Heartache....

Poster: Tom Bilodeau <tirloch@interramp.com>

Poster: tirloch@interramp.com

Greetings unto all from Tirloch of Tallaght!

I was extremely unhappy to read Master Bran's missive this morning and I firmly believe 
that he displayed guts and heroism in writing about the recent Atlantian-Trimarian war.

For the record, I was not at the war. However, 

I believe it is imperative that Their Majesties investigate the issues raised by Master 
Bran's Knight friend. 

Whenever we go to battle, it is in the spirit of friendship; at least this is what I 
have been taught. This friendly adversary approach is also the basis for the fun we have 
at Pennsic.

It would be detrimental for all Atlantians if we were shunned in battle OR if other 
kingdoms refused to play with us. Peerages are supposed to be universally accepted 
within the Society. If a public petition by the Knights of the Kingdom of Trimaris was 
aired throughout the Knowne World, the damage to our collective honor would be 

I was also not real happy with the sentiments made by another gentle [in 
another posting] regarding "...abusing the serving wenches again...". This is in poor 
taste and IMHO, not a good and honorable thing to say.

I believe that Atlantia is a beautiful kingdom full of wise and caring people. Thank 
you, Bran, for voicing your concerns.

Tom Bilodeau
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