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Re: Important info 3

Poster: Donna_Hoblit@ed.gov (Donna Hoblit)

Hello everyone!

I believe that we have to distinguish the difference between discussion 
of unpleasant topics and chivalry.  Bran's note in regard to Atlantian 
behavior towards Trimarians certainly pressed some buttons but I believe 
that was his point.  A few people noted that such a topic was 
inappropriate for a forum such as this, deeming it unchivalrous.  I'm not 
going to comment on Bran's views or the question of Atlantian behavior.  
Yet, I can't keep silent on the issue of limiting discourse.

I would like to add that bringing up certain topics which are 
controversial is not unchivalrous.  What can be deemed unchivalrous is 
the the way in which the topic is brought up.  Unchivalrous is stating 
,"Atlantians are a bunch of rhinohides and they are no fun to fight with 
etc. etc.etc."  Chivalrous is, "There is a topic which I feel must be 
addressed in regard to the behavior of fighters/officers etc. etc.  I 
stress enough how important that difference is.  

Gag rules are a bad thing and make ANY  situation worse.  In order for 
problems to be worked out, they have to be discussed, even though those 
problems can be ugly.  The main thing to remember is keeping one's cool, 
not jumping on bandwagons or writing/shouting insults.  If the PLO and 
the Israeli's can discuss some very controversial issues, the SCA should 
be able to do the same.  

So, as my Mother loves to say, "We should just sit down and discuss the 

 - Lyanna ferch Gwynhelek 
Jessica Rechtschaffer
Registrar and Information Manager
The Graduate School
UNC - Chapel Hill
email: grjsr.ors@mhs.unc.edu
phone: (919) 966-2612

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