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Bran's, um, faux pas

Poster: "Lynn Pawelka" <lynn_pawelka@server.hort.ncsu.edu>

Greetings to all embroiled in weighty discussion in this tavern. I usually
don't get involved in this sort of discussion, but I think some of you are
missing a very important point. The controversy of whether certain fighters
(Dukes, Earls, belted, unbelted, etc.) call every killing blow is not a new
one. I have heard this debate for all of the 5 or so years I've been in the
SCA, although it's probably gone on longer than that. Frankly, I'm bored with
it. The point here, IMNSHO, is that of Baron Bran re-posting =private= email
of a controversial nature to the entire list verbatim. If it was done
intentionally, it was inappropriate. (His Excellency has since informed us
that it was not.) =However=, if upon receiving the aforementioned missive from
the mysterious Trimarian knight and being most concerned with its contents,
Bran voiced those concerns to the list, that would have been another matter.
Of course, then we'd still have the perennial rhinohide discussion, but I have
a delete key...

Celynnen o Dyfed

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