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Disc: Bran's, um, faux pas

Poster: Lance Harrop <lharrop@mrj.com>

Sometimes friends of mine wonder if we should not take the Kingdom of 
Atlantia out of the SCA, especially when they go around axing our kingdom 
Seneschal.  Who needs to worry about that, we'll get thrown out soon enough.

Rules of the List clearly state that no matter what armour the fighter is 
wearing, EVERYBODY is supposed to recognize the same level of blows 
because EVERYBODY is supposed to imagine themselves wearing the same 
armour; open-faced helms, chainmail, and leather arms I think, but 
someone can certainly check that detail.

Still, it wouldn't suprise me that Duke Michael is encouraging such a 
heresy, if in fact his Grace is.

Plate is nice if you want to wear it, but it's not an excuse for rhinohiding.

Leifr Johansson, wearing
12 gauge spun dome, 14 gauge sides, open face grill,
Kydex Wisby Plate, Gambeson,
Waxed leather vambraces and rearbraces
Covered Plastic legs with metal knee cops, soon to be replaced
Cloth and leather gauntlets
Cloth, leather and plastic gorget
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