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Re: Heartache....

Poster: Robert J Welenc <rjwelenc@erols.com>

At 13:15 7/9/96 -0400, THL Landi Haraldsson wrote:
>   Milord (or Mr. Holmes, if you prefer), may I offer a different
>spin on this?  Far too often (IMHO) I have run into this notion
>that the problem of the moment should be handled in private.  This
>gives the unfortunate impression of a cover-up -- that it is more
>important to protect the personages involved than to solve the 
>   I do not know Master Bran, and certainly do not know his personal
>political slant.  I personally feel that if a significant portion of 
>another kingdom doesn't want to associate with Atlantia, whether due 
>to the actions of a small minority or to a more widespread cause, it 
>is a problem that _should_ be brought to the attention of the entire 
>kingdom, not covered up to protect a few Very Important Egos.  If, 
>on the other hand, this turns out to be a few people with an axe to
>grind blowing a small problem out of proportion, _then_ I shall most
>certainly join you in chastising Master Bran!
>   If the charges are in fact unfounded, those publicly accused 
>deserve to be publicly cleared; and >if< the actions of a few are
>truly bringing shame to the Kingdom, then those few should have the
>honor to stand publicly responsible for their actions.  In either 
>case, when the honor of the Kingdom is challanged the entire 
>Kingdom has the right to know why, and what is being (or not being)
>   This is, of course, my own personal opinion.  I have attempted to
>phrase it so as to avoid giving offence, if I have failed I offer
>my most humble and abject apologies.
>   In service--
>--Landi Haraldsson, Lord by Grant of Arms from the hand of His Majesty
>                    Anton II (for whatever that may be worth!  :-)

Master Bran has posted since that his missive was sent to the Merry Rose by
accident.  A fortunate one, it seems, since we cannot agree more with Lord
Landi.  A problem of this maginitude does not deserve to be swept under the
rug while everybody pretends to ignore  the unsightly lump it leaves.  We
trust that HRM Galmr will investigate the matter and inform the populace of
the results, for the reasons Lord Landi has stated above.  

Ivan Borisovich Volchevo Lesa
Alanna Volchevo Lesa

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