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College of arms needs...II

Poster: ches@io.com



I have just exchanged email with the young lady doing the heraldic archives 
and she has recieved LITTLE HELP from us. I am not sure why this has occured 
or what the dynamics of the situation is, I only know that we have failed to 
help. I asked her if she wanted the post to be reposted she replied yes. It 
would be great if everyone that has a webpage or 6 to place this ad in there 
somewhere. Let's get this rolling folks! If nothing else scan your own stuff 
and send her the disks. Loan her the equipment, tax time is comming.... 
Thanks! :)

	"I am calling on the thousands of people in the SCA for help. Do you,
	or an organization that you work for, or know of, have computer 
	equipment that they would like to donate?  It would be used for a good 
	cause, and since we are a not-for-profit organization, as the IRS puts 
	it, a 501(C)3, the book value of the item could possibly be a tax 
	write off.

	What we need, according to my computer gurus is:

	1. We need full page, flatbed scanners that support at least 8 bits of 
	color information (more optional) and boards for them.  This is the 
	most important item on my list.

	2. A 300 DPI or better color printers. Not necessarily a color laser
	(though I wouldn't turn one down) but color ink jets such as HP Color
	Inkjet or Apple Color Stylewriter, for example).  This is the second 
	most important item on my list.

	3. Mac, IBM-PC compatible or other computers that write DOS standard
	HD 3.5 diskettes (1.44 meg) Those are minimal requirements.  The
	ability to archive on DAT tape or CD-ROM would be a big plus.  This
	is the least important, although important, as some of my volunteers 
	have computers, but don't have color scanners.  Also, if anyone has a 
	spare laptop, that would be quite useful as the Laurel Office travels 
	a lot.

	Note: we are not demanding state of the art equipment here.  If your
	company, for instance, has some 386's they don't want, the Laurel 
	office will take them. If they have upgraded their 8 bit color scanner 
	to a 32 bit one, we will be more than happy to use the 8 bit ones.  
	I'm not picky, I am just trying to get the tools so we can do the job.

	If you have any questions, or if you think you can help, please 
	contact me:

	Judy Gerjuoy
	PO Box 7903
	Silver Spring, MD 20907
	(202) 737-4609
	e-mail jaelle@access.digex.net
	If the world were merely seductive, that would be easy. If it were 
	merely challenging, that would be no problem. But I arise in the 
	morning torn between a desire to improve the world, and a desire to 
	enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day. - E. B. White "

Ciao   @}\
Ches @}----`--,-- http://www.io.com/~ches/siren.html

Date: 07/09/96
Time: 15:53:39

Ciao   @}\
Ches @}----`--,-- http://www.io.com/~ches/siren.html

Date: 07/09/96
Time: 16:17:31

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