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Re: Heartache....

Poster: hfeld@ids2.idsonline.com (Harold Feld)

At 1:15 PM 7/9/96, H L. Falls wrote:
>Poster: "H L. Falls" <hlf@holmes.acc.Virginia.EDU>

>   I do not know Master Bran, and certainly do not know his personal
>political slant.  I personally feel that if a significant portion of
>another kingdom doesn't want to associate with Atlantia, whether due
>to the actions of a small minority or to a more widespread cause, it
>is a problem that _should_ be brought to the attention of the entire
>kingdom, not covered up to protect a few Very Important Egos.  If,
>on the other hand, this turns out to be a few people with an axe to
>grind blowing a small problem out of proportion, _then_ I shall most
>certainly join you in chastising Master Bran!

If he believed them to be representative, and brought them forward in good
faith, I do not believe that he should be retroactively chastised for what
would have been commendable had the situation been as he believed.

>   If the charges are in fact unfounded, those publicly accused
>deserve to be publicly cleared; and >if< the actions of a few are
>truly bringing shame to the Kingdom, then those few should have the
>honor to stand publicly responsible for their actions.  In either
>case, when the honor of the Kingdom is challanged the entire
>Kingdom has the right to know why, and what is being (or not being)

Hear! Hear! Vivat Landi!  Too often we think of this sort of thing as
something to be covered up, which spreads more rumors.  Now the matter may
be publically examined *and* *put* *to* *rest.*  A public, open process
benefits everyone involved.


Harold Feld
Yaakov HaMizrachi

"Do not ask 'Why are these days not as good as the days of old?' This
question is not prompted by wisdom." -Eccl.

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