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Re: The Merry Rose

Poster: edh@ascc01.ascc.lucent.com

Richard Fitzgilbert writes:

> This type of forum, like all newsgroups and e-mail vehicles, lack key
> components to human communication that are necessary for dealing with highly
> emotional issues.  This had led to the creation of the smiley faces and such
> that are used to, only partially, make up for this lack.

I have heard this before, and it has always been a great wonder to me,
since I know that people wrote letters to one another for centuries
without any smiley faces.  Indeed, in ancient times, and the early
part of the Period, they did not even have punctuation!  Consider for
a moment how such a lack would make ambiguous the following excerpt of
a poem by the esteemed Mar Yaakov HaMizrachi:

     Think not you are too weak and dare not stir
     To contradict the crown when in your heart
     You know he errs. Rather, think it treason,
     And breach of your fealty oath and honor

     To forbear.  Render your crown the honor
     Of your trust.  He shall give ear to your prayer
     For discourse.  Being wise, he can tell treason

Lord Richard goes on to say,
> If you look at the ways in which information is transmitted and
> conversations are conducted in Atlantia, you would find that the Merry Rose
> is a relatively minor adjunct to the main lines of personal interaction.  I
> cringe when I read that someone might leave the SCA or Alantia based on
> something that happens on this list.  I do note that the reverse is not the
> case.  Our shared SCA based values make this the best behaved unmoderated
> electronic forum I know of.
> But, I would be very surprised if any discussion that existed only on the
> Rialto or the Merry Rose actually had any effect on life in Atlantia.

I take it that he would not only be very surprised, but also, that he
would cringe.  (For I assume that a person leaving the SCA or Atlantia
would be coinsidered an actual effect.)

-- Alfredo
Alfredo el Bufon
Elvegast, Windmaster's Hill, Atlantia
So, where the hell was Biggles, when you needed him last Saturday?
And where are all the sportsmen who used to pull you through?
They're all resting down in Cornwall, writing up their memoirs
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