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re: Contradict the King? A poet's perspective (long)

Poster: "Kate Spears" <kspears@fdic.gov>

I just read Lisa Steele (Esclaramonde)'s letter, and it appeared to me that 
she had quoted me as stating that I had drafted a letter to the BoD last year 
about tax policy.  If it looked that way to the rest of you, please let me 
make a clarification:  I have never written to the BoD on tax anything.  I 
believe Lisa was quoting herself, and the formatting got screwed up.  If it 
was clear to everyone else that Lisa is the author of the tax letter and  not 
me, please ignore this message.  If your message format was as confusing as 
mine, please note that I know very little about tax policy, other than 
filling out the appropriate Exchequer forms at the end of the year for my 
group.  Lisa knows bunches about a lot of stuff.

Yours in Service

Aislynn Fyrlocc
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