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Re: constructive solutions

Poster: Wayne Precht <wayne@tiber.ed.umuc.edu>

> Poster: "Greg Lindahl" <lindahl@pbm.com>
> I'd like to make a constructive suggestion, one which might help
> everyone: a TI article described an apparatus, consisting of a post, a
> bowling ball, and a tape measure, which can be used to accurately
> measure the force of a blow.

I think the person was Peter Dorn, I may be wrong, it has been a while.  
He did this tests for several years a various events around the Known 
World.  Interestingly, the amount of force that was considered a 
killing blow by the most of the Chivarly who tried the test fell within 
a very narrow range.

> Perhaps it would be fun to make such a device, pick an amount of force
> which seems reasonable to the Chivalry and/or the marshals, and hold a
> contest to see which fighter can most reliably deliver said blow?
> Tests like this might enable the armored fighters in the kingdom to
> agree on what an appropriate killing blow is, and making it a contest
> might make it fun and constructive.

Of course, there are two issues here: 1) how much force a killing blow 
should have (from the throwers perspective), and 2) how hard should a 
killing blow feel (from a receiver's perspective).

The Bowling ball test and other, more informal, surveys indicate that #1 
is a fairly consistant amount of force among the experienced fighters.  
Judging #2 is much more difficult since there is no objective way to tell 
how much force is being felt through the armor and there are a host of 
factors that effect the impact.   

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