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Re: constructive solutions

Poster: ncatp@coastalnet.com (North Carolina Assistive Technology Project)

>Poster: MPengwyn@aol.com
>Master Vuong Mahn wrote:
>>Some years ago a device for measuring the force of blows was set up at
>>I couldn't get near it, as the serious fighters were monopolizing the thing,
>so I don't >know exactly what it was, but does anybody remember it and
>remember whether >anything was done with the results?
>I believe this to be the same Blow Calibration Experiment that was created by
>Pieter van Doorn of Nant-y-Derwidden which was set up at many events in Black
>Diamond and other southerly events in Atlantia a few years ago, as well as in
>own kingdom. Though I never really saw any publication of his results. It
>just seemed
>to be a lot of fun to those participating.

In the SCA fighters handbook there is a calibration device consisting of a
bowling ball set atop a pole. There is a rather extensive chart about how
far the ball should fly if struck based upon various weight bowling balls
and various height poles. I believe this is the same thing you are talking

Thomas MacFinn (mka Dan Mackison)

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