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Diss: Van Dorn's Balls

Poster: Lance Harrop <lharrop@mrj.com>

Master Vuong asks:

> Some years ago a device for measuring the force of blows was set up at
> Pennsic.  I couldn't get near it, as the serious fighters were
> monopolizing the thing, so I don't know exactly what it was, but does
> anybody remember it and remember whether anything was done with the
> results?
I did.  I was surprised to discover, that despite the fact that my blows 
are often not given with enough force, which is truely my own fault, I'm 
not blaming anyone, that when I struck the bowling balls, I was 
consistently striking harder then SCA norm.  In fact, the attendent 
pointed out to me that I should reduce the strength of my blows.

Maybe the fact that I was not in combat, maybe the fact that I whince at 
the idea of hurting someone else, or maybe just because I was able to 
focus, I was striking blows hard enough to be recognized throughout most 
of the Known World.

But as for Gregory's suggestion, the trick is, you have to get a group of 
fighters familarized with the level of force they should be throwing, 
then you have to get ALL the fighters together so that this trained group 
can hit them in armour, so that all the fighters learn to ACKNOWLEDGE SCA 
standard blows.

Still, such training would not hurt.

In Service
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