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Another Constructive Solution

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <Neilltl@ptsc.slg.eds.com>

All -

This is a conversation between myself and Lord Werhener von Ingolstadt.  It
is posted by permission of both Lord Werhener and Duke Bertrand (referred to
as 'Matt' in the quoted section below).

I hope it will spur more dialogue.  Discussion of the general issue of
weebling and potential solutions is good, IMO.  Discussion of specific
persons who appear to weeble my be more productive if brought up to the
Fighter in question, his/her Knight, the Marshallate or Chivalry.

        - Anarra

Werhener -

I admire your thoughts in this matter.  I feel and know that it is only the
Order of Chivalry in the Kingdom of Atlantia that can directly change this

Bertrand's solution seems a good one to help with part of the problem, and
one open to any fighter, not just the Chivalry.

Another solution might be to discuss more frequently the armor one is
supposed to be wearing, namely the chain-mail, leather arms and helm with
nose brace. - That one is NOT wearing plate mail regardless of what is
actually on one's body.

Although perhaps this is already discussed at fight practice.

I think that is one of my personal barriers to being able to formulate a 
'solution' in my own head.  I DON'T know what is going on in the fighting.

What is taught at fight practice?  Is the difference in blow calibration
between Crown and other tournies actually taught?  Or only observed? 
Indirectly hinted at?

How often does the Chivalry meet as a group?  Only at Unevent, or more often?
Would more frequent meetings facilitate better discussion on this (and
other) problems?

How well do the Knights of Atlantia actually KNOW each other?  How much
accountability do they feel toward each other?  Toward the King?

It seems that this IS a real problem and not just a perception.

May I post the following to the Atlantia list with your and Sir Bertrand de
Flammepoing, Duke of Atlantia's name on it?

>       Matt's solution is, typically, one which preserves one's own honor 
>and leaves his opponent's honor in his opponent's own hands.  It is, 
>simply, to excuse the first sloughed blow as a possible mistake, but to 
>yield the match at the second sloughed blow with the statement that he 
>(Matt) does not have enough strength to kill his opponent.  I used this 
>technique at Sacred Stone's novice Tourney and found it highly successful 
>(although I "pounded tent stakes" for fifteen minutes before employing 
>it).  That is, I lost the Tournament, but the individual who was not 
>accepting my blows was counseled by the Marshall, in private, after the 
>fight and withdrew from the Tournament afterwards.  It is, of course, 
>necessary to yield with good grace and  courtesy.  A petulant withdrawal 
>does more damage than good.  If the fighters of Atlantia, who do not 
>subscribe to the preposterous theory that plate confers invulnerability, 
>will use this technique, we may be able to shame the offenders into 
>behaving chivalrously.

The discussion is continuing, to my mild surprise.  I thought it would die
off as people refused to be seen in public writing about it.  It has shifted
to solutions and I think that the above would add to possible solutions
(with the added advantage of being something that EACH fighter could do HIM/

With more open discussion, this problem WILL go away, I optomistically state.
It will NOT if it stays under the carpet.

But, ultimately, it is the Chivalry and Royalty that must address it.  They
are the ones who decide which fighters meet the standard of Chivalry in 
Atlantia.  They are the ones who decide when a Knight has stepped outside 
those standards and determine what to do about it.

        - Anarra
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