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Poster: AdamofErin@aol.com

To the denizens of the Merry Rose, does Lord Adam of Erin send warm

   It has been a week since the last time I checked my e-mail and I was quite
supprised at what I saw.  This problem that the Trimarin Knight had is real,
no matter how much we what to dis-beleive it exists or ignore it.  I also
beleive that Bran did the right thing by posting on the Merry Rose, the
populace has the right to see this and no secrets kept from them unless it is
of personnal nature.  And in this case it is not really personnal.
   I live 10 minutes away from a shire in the East Kingdom and let me tell
you that Trimaris is not the only Kingdom that is pissed off at Atlantia.  At
our recent event there were quite a lot of Easterners there and they were not
happy with how hard they had to hit our fighters,  the marshals had to tell
the Atlantians to watch how hard they trough their shots as a courtesy to our
guests.  I do not think that there is rhino hide problem within the Kingdom,
but rather a calibration problem and we need to correct this.
   Another thing the East was pissed off about is the way that Atlantian's
rub their noses in the fact that they lose the pointless war.  Now I was at
the last two and I can tell you that there are Atlantians who are poor
winners, instead of saying that it was a good fight and a lot of fun, they
would say ha ha we kicked your ass.  I have personnally over heard these
comments and became livid at such and un-chivalrous act.  This is a game and
not a way of life and should not be that serious about it.  It would ok to
tease in a playing manner, just as long as you smile or through your arm
around them or give them food/drink as a symbol of this fun and you are my
sibling in this game and I love you.  But no, we have to be the mightiest of
the mighty.  Atlantia used to be know as the best army in the known world
because of the warriors skill, now it is known as the army with the most
magical armor and you have to hit them very hard, this was also over heard at
thiry year.
    We need to change things or we will be playing by our selves, to much
politics and not enough fun.  I have always vowed that if the fighting stops
being fun, then I will quit fighting, or I will quit figting in Atlantia and
go play in the East.  This is becoming more apparent for the fighting, I have
failed to new weapons authorizations for stupid and lame reasons, "You don't
hold your weapons the way I do,"  "You are not agressive enough (even though
I kept my opponent on defensive for quite long time), and last but not least
"You are not fast enough to keep up (keep in mind that I weigh in at 365 lbs
out of armor)."
   Please good gentles, I love this Kingdom and the People in it, let's not
become hated by other Kingdoms or lose the good people we have or have chance
to gain.
   Thank you for allowing me to rant.

Yours in Service to Atlantia.

Lord Adam

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