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Re: A foreigner's thoughts on blow force, chivalry, etc.

Poster: James Morrow <Achbar@worldnet.att.net>

L. Z. Morgan wrote:
> Poster: alairia@juno.com (L. Z. Morgan)
> My good friends of Atlantia,
> I wish to offer some information on how we do things in Alaira, not
> because I think we have the whole thing figured out, or because there is
> an exact parallel, but just in hopes that our customs might provide seeds
> for thoughts.
> On the subject of communication between fighters:
> We have three levels of action that a Marshall can take in Alairia in
> response to a bad blow, illegal behavior, or any other matter concerning
> safety and legality on the field.  Please note that our tournaments are
> judged, with 10 points max alloted for technical skill, 10 points max
> for performance, and two points added for winning the bout.  (Points can
> also be subtracted as follows:  "Rhino-hiding"--not going down when
> you've been killed, subtract 1-3 points, judge's call.  Note that we
> adjust the number of hits needed to "kill" based on armor worn.  For a
> "Caution", -1, for a Warning -2, for delay of tourney, -1, MOL's call.) 

  All of this sounds so Bloody interesting.  I see post like this and I wonder what it 
is like to participate in your Tournaments.  I can't wait to get to one of your events.
   It is a shame that I can't make it to your Coronation.  I would like to see what it 
is all about and how different they are from SCA events.
    How many people are activie in Yopur Organization please?  Do you have a web page?

James Morrow
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