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Re: Tent question

Poster: Wayne Precht <wayne@tiber.ed.umuc.edu>

> Poster: "Heather Swann" <swann@intercon.com>
> Does anyone know what needs to be done to make a tent flame-retardant?  Is it 
> a question of buy a container of flame-retardant chemicals and soaking it in 
> them?  If so, is that the sort of thing I could find at places like 
> Hechinger's?

The best way is to buy flame-retardant fabric and make the tent from that.  
Of course, that is more expensive and you have to be careful when 
handling the material (i.e., don't handle the material and then rub your 
eyes, etc.).  Barring that you can treat the finished product in the same 
chemical.  It can be had from a theatrical supply house, you would have to 
check the phone book, there are a few in the DC Metro area.  It is sold by 
the gallon it think, something like $20-$30, I am not sure.

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