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Re: Tent question

Poster: "Eric Jon Campbell" <ejcampbe@eos.ncsu.edu>

On Jul 15, 11:51am, Heather Swann wrote:
> Subject: Tent question
> Poster: "Heather Swann" <swann@intercon.com>
> Does anyone know what needs to be done to make a tent flame-retardant?  Is it
> a question of buy a container of flame-retardant chemicals and soaking it in
> them?  If so, is that the sort of thing I could find at places like
> Hechinger's?

I know that there are applications you can soak your fibers in however you must
be carefull to see if they are water safe or else them thar nasty chemicals
will wash off in the rain.  Also beware of fumes many of the home as well as
comercial treatments put of fumes (which give me migraines, but then again
almost all fumes do)

my choice is to get a fire extinguisher and not let any flame near the tent.


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