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Re: Badge information

Poster: Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net>

Lady Deirdre wrote:
> >>>From my herald's handbook, I have an SCA combined badge:
> >>> Azure, a candle enflamed within an arch stooped argent.
> >>
> >>I must admit, however, I have never seen it actually used anywhere.
>    <g> I hope that all MoAS officers had the same reaction to this post
> that I did. It has certainly increased my obsession for using the office
> heraldry more.
>    It is, sadly, not that well known yet (I did say yet <g>). At Toys
> for Tots I had the office banner at the door of the A&S hall to indicate
> our location. I was told by many that we needed a sign marked A&S
> because gentles didn't know what the banner meant. <sigh>. I will
> continue to use the banner as I hope the other MoAS officers will.
> Eventually individuals will start associating it with Arts and Sciences.
> It actually is easier to see across a field than the letters A&S printed
> on a cardboard sign.

When I was an A&S Officer, I was told not only what the badge was, but
what it symbolized. It is the light of knowledge that all those involved
in the Arts and Sciences keep alight for all to see.

But it has come to symbolize more than that to me. As Officers, each
MoAS at every level undertakes the obligation to keep this flame lit. The
badge then becomes the burning fire of passion for those who wish to
become versed in some aspect of the Arts or Sciences. It is the light on
the desk by which we read our research material. It is the cook fire and
the flames of the furnace in which hot metal is forged to strengthen our
fighters and bring us prowess on the field. It is the hearthfire that
warms us during the winter months and dispels the darkness of ignorance.
It is the light in the window of the Kingdom that acts as a beacon to
all of Atlantia's craftspeople.

So then, Officers of the Arts and Sciences, wear your badge proudly, and
be that beacon. For it only takes one candle to light the way for others 
to become shining examples, and thereby gloriously brighten Atlantia.

In service,

(home is not only where you wear your hat, it's where you make it)

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