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Re: heartache

Poster: "Greg Lindahl" <lindahl@pbm.com>

> I'm not saying that you are incorrect, Well really yes I am....  Last year 
> there were no Easterners at Pointless.   Kinda hard to say that when they 
> ain't there.  The time before that Thorbrand was on the throne and Atlantia 
> lost the point...

I must say I don't exactly understand what you're saying. Someone
related a first-hand account that he personally witnessed Atlantians
behaving poorly after Pointless. You're saying he didn't see that? You
may not have witnessed it, it still could have happened. I too was at
Pointless (I've been to all 3) and have never witnessed poor winning
behavior; if I did, I would be sure to say something.

In addition, there were plenty of Eastern heavies at the last
Pointless but a dearth of their rapier folks, perhaps that's what
you're referring to when you say "no Easterners at Pointless"?

Gegory Blount
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