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Re: Demo Question

Poster: "Nicole C. Honeycutt" <lawless@isaac.net>

Rowanwald South wrote:
> Poster: Rowanwald South <rowanwald@wwisp.com>
> Dan Mackison wrote:
> > PS. For those who don't know, a boffer sword is a PVC pipe covered in soft
> > foam and then loosely wrapped in duct tape.
> >  _________________________
> > /                         \
> > |                         |======0
> > \_________________________/
> >
> Just a note - while you can make boffer weapons in any form that you
> wish, the only ones that can be used on site, at a tourney, CANNOT have
> PVC inside. We've had too many children sustain 'blunt weapon' bruises
> from them. I'm still trying to find an acceptable substitution. If you
> have any suggestions, please contact me. We have been exploring the idea
> of cutting swords from the foam kickboards presently available at toy
> stores. I don't have access to the tools (I'm out of state) to try it
> though.  I know the small ones make great shields....
>                                 Rosine

Dear Lady, 
   We have been using those "noodles" that are sold as floatation aids. 
Walmart and some of the Beach stores sell them very cheaply and they can 
be cut so that several weapons can be made from each one.  You might 
pick one up and see whether it might work for your needs.  

Emma Lagheles
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