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Re: Demo Question

Poster: jonesj@SunBelt.Net (Phillip Jones)

>Just a note - while you can make boffer weapons in any form that you 
>wish, the only ones that can be used on site, at a tourney, CANNOT have 
>PVC inside. We've had too many children sustain 'blunt weapon' bruises 
>from them. I'm still trying to find an acceptable substitution. If you 
>have any suggestions, please contact me. We have been exploring the idea 
>of cutting swords from the foam kickboards presently available at toy 
>stores. I don't have access to the tools (I'm out of state) to try it 
>though.  I know the small ones make great shields....
>				Rosine

There is a kind of foam cylinder sold around here in the summer that
works well in shorter lengths. It is like Pipe Insulation, but with a
solid core and no split. There is no rigid center, and it seems to
hold up well enough to justify the 1.99-3.99 I've seen it going for.
These don't even require taping, though I think that a good layer of
duct tape will extend the life of the toy a good bit.....

These are intended as Pool Toys, if that helps your search.
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