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Boffer weapons

Poster: Rowanwald South <rowanwald@wwisp.com>

Greetings Merry Rosians!

	Thank you for the suggestions about the boffer weapons. We have 
used the pipe insulation (it presently is the standard), but have had 
trouble with it bending too soon. The 'noodles' that are so popular at 
the pool this year are great, except that our smaller fighters (with the 
oh-so-exacting-standards) cannot get their hands around the base very 
well, and so must fight two-handed. They also complain that 'it doesn't 
look like a sword'.... I'm really scared of these pint-sized critics, 
they can get real MEAN!! I've thought about trying to carve down a 
handle, but, once again, have no access to tools for the attempt.
	If you wish a really neat weapon, there is in Wal-mart (and maybe 
elsewhere), a foam pool toy called a Foozle, which to all appearances is 
a mace! I brought two of them to Toys-for-Tots, and the few children who 
saw them loved them (getting the adults to give them up long enough for 
the kids to see them was, shall we say, difficult). My only concern about 
the foam noodles is how long they're going to me available. We've all 
seen 'fad' toys come and go. I'd like to design something that is so 
standard that we can safely say it will be around for years. The foam 
kickboards have passed the 'perennial plaything' test, but are 
restrictive in price. I'm still looking for a solution... could you keep 
sending them?

		Thanks a whole bunch,

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