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Re: heartache

Poster: Wayne Precht <wayne@tiber.ed.umuc.edu>

> > Actually, I would be interested in learning who in 'the East' is/was 
> > pissed off about Pointless War.  I know several Knights, Royal Peers, etc. 
> > in the East and all of those that I spoke with were quite pleased with
> > the low intensity, kicked-back nature of the fighting at Pointless.  
> It's not really a question of who is pissed, but rather that no one
> from Atlantia should be gloating that we won the war. I think we are
> doing a good job with this in general, but it never hurts to pay close
> attention to it before it pisses someone off.

No, it *is* a question of who is pissed, just as it is a question of who 
pissed them off.  We can't correct the impression of an anonymous group 
any more than we can correct the behaviour of an anonymous group.

Poeple have been whining on this list about how badly behaved Atlantian 
fighters are but, that doesn't help anyone.  It just spreads a feeling of 
unhappiness.  You want to make a positive change, you need specific 
goals.  The sort of discusion that has been going on here has been good 
for letting us know that change needs to occur.  I think we all agree 
that we want to fix that.  Now we need to actually *do* something.  

Clearly, not every Easterner had a bad time at Pointless War.  If you talk 
to the people who were hurt by things said, you can find out who was being 
a jerk, or if it was a jest that they heard out of context, you can 
enlighten them to that fact.

I think we have had enough bashing for now.  Why don't we come up with 
some reasonable plans of action for policing our own behavior and those 
of our friends to be sure everyone has a better time at the next event.


PS. Actually looking back at what I wrote, only the first paragraph is 
really a response to Greg.  Everything else is aimed at the list in 
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