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Re: What's the Point(less)?

Poster: MarsaliFox@aol.com

In a message dated 96-07-17 11:39:14 EDT, you write:

<< Yes, it is a redistribution of wealth as you describe, but I also have
 video of potlatchs done in the late 1800's - early 1900's, as well as
 interviews with elders, which show/describe much destruction of the
 "Wealth goodes" as well.  I did a major research paper on this when I
 was in college as my degrees are in Anthropology / Archaeology and
 Computer Science.  I can provide citations, if you like. >>


My goal was not to agrue with you, but to bring out an aspect of the
potlactch that would be a possible inspiration for ideas concerning
interkingdom wars and peaces.   Lighten up, my good man, none here mean harm.

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