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Poster: Dguptill@aol.com

In a message dated 96-07-15 15:13:27 EDT, you write:

>Dguptill@aol.com wrote:
>> Poster: Dguptill@aol.com
>> In a message dated 96-07-10 18:27:57 EDT, you write:
>> >>How 'bout the TX two step replaces all other forms of dance:P.
>> >ps I personally live for the Hole in the Wall, how 'bout you?
>> Nah. Black Nag. In the swimming hole. Been there, done that, got the
>> goosebumps.
>> Erich von Kleinfeld.
>I'd ask you to tell, but a gentleman never does.....

Not a problem -- it was in broad daylight with no untoward activities
pursued. My wife and I were down at the Swimming Hole, and there was a gent
sitting on the dam tootling dance tunes on a waterproof plastic recorder. He
did Maltese & Hole in the Wall, whereupon I requested Black Nag. We found 2
other couples (had to teach the middle one) and proceeded to do the dance...
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