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Re: Hi there!

Poster: sburke@exis.net (Scott Burke)

>Poster: Kirsten Niemann <kniemann@leo.vsla.edu>
>Hi Aelfgar,
>Just a quick note to see if I got your e-mail address right
>and, of course, to say hello.
>My Lady,

        Although it is always pleasant to speak to you, I regret to inform
you that this is the address of Erlich Von Rauschenberg (Scott Burke) and
his lady Patricia.  Mayhaps this is a serandepitious occurance (the
misdirection of your mail) as I was just thinking of you and how kind you
were when first we met.

        Young Master Charles is growing leaps and bounds, 11 weeks old now.
We regret that we will be unable to attend assesment as the site is tooooooo
remote to have such a young child and too far for a day trip.  

        Hope to see you before to long a time has passed.

                                In Service,

                                Patricia von Rauschenberg

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Scott Burke                    :                             Paramedic 
sburke@exis.net                :                    Board of Directors 
Virginia Beach, Virginia       :     Kempsville Volunteer Rescue Squad 
Paramedic, Portsmouth Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Services, Portsmouth
Critical Care Transport Team,  Medical Transport Inc.,  Virginia Beach

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