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Cool Things About Atlantia

Poster: "Heather Swann" <swann@intercon.com>

Verily, there is much good in our Kingdom!  To wit:

1) Emerald Joust, where the most important prize is for Courtesy and Chivalry

2) Sir TJ's fruit soup...well, someone had to mention it...

3) Our love of and research of games -I haven't heard of it being as extensive 
in other kingdoms

4) The way we rally together when something happens, like when Hans Paasch  
(Johann the Rhymer) died, or the most recent tragedy of Baron Myles, a most 
kind man.

5) All the stories I know of where Atlantians gave rides home to gentles in 
distress from Pennsic to places which were often out of their way by a long 

6) I don't know if they're still worn, but our kingdom cloaks are pretty 

7)  Dancing at events- not all kingdoms do as much....not that we couldn't do 
more, but we don't do badly...

8) After all the problems we have had as a kingdom, we're still a kingdom!  
Always something to be proud of.

In fact, here's a challenge-  try writing a sonnet or sestina on this theme- 
What Makes Atlantia a Wonderful Place to Be.  Shouldn't be hard,should it?


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