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Re: Atlantia and a small challenge

Poster: "Sharon Henderson" <sharon@intercon.com>

The Honorable Lord Giacomo scripsit:

> Honor, courtesy, chivalry, are not dead in the modern middle ages.... 
> Prove it. 
> THL Giacomo Vincenti di Firenze

Oh, good milord, to speak well of Fair Atlantia, the Gem of the Ocean Seas, is 
no difficult task for those who love her!

I came here nearly eighteen years ago, a wayfaring (mostly) stranger from 
Carolingia-of-the-East (long may she prosper, and all her people, too!), and 
off and on over the years I have played in Storvik, Ponte Alto, and Stierbach. 

I have noticed that, as life takes its twists and turns, the people of this 
Kingdom -- not only in those places mentioned above, but everywhere in 
Atlantia -- welcomed and indeed, cherished me.  The kindnesses I received at 
many a hand have been referred to in recent times on this very forum.  
Unlooked for, they were doubly welcome -- and I believe they are typical of 
the compassionate caring shown by the majority of folks in Atlantia.

And most recently, when journeying an absolute stranger unto the land of Caer 
Mear, I was taken in and treated as one of their own, by the lovely Baroness 
who bade me sit on a cushion in the shade; by the little children of the 
Barony, who went about offering food and drink to travellers among them; by a 
nice young man with a wonderful voice, who did sing to entertain; and it was 
my delight to watch the graceful and chivalrous Lady Susanna Grey, as she did 
come before the Baroness with flowers and fair poetry, delivered with such 
poise and charm as to transport one back to the Medieval days we love so well!

Oh yes, Atlantia is indeed a fair and wonderful place!  May Heaven rain 
blessings down upon her, and upon all those who support her cause!

Meli ferch Iasper
Ponte Alto, ATLANTIA!!

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