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EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT Update: Siege of Glengary

Poster: croaker@access.digex.net (Francis A. Ney, Jr.)

                      Slyvan Glen (WV)/ Highland
                      Foorde (MD)/ Sep 27-29
                      Siege of Glengary
                             In their thirst for Land and Glory the
                      English have turned to Scotland and in our
                      fair province  the vile swine have laid siege
                      to Caer Glengary.  Come help us defend
                      our ancestral rights to freedom from these
                        OR....bring aid to the English as we
                      squash the peasant uprising of these
                      sheepdipping Scots who allow vast areas of
                      useful land to be despoiled.  We must lay
                      the Castle of Glengary to waste.
                        We will be featuring a castle battle
                      with solid walls to fight over, around or
                      though.  Also planned is an actual bridge
                      battle over real, natural, running water. 
                      For Non-Combatants there are Arts and
                      Sciences competitions such as:  best and
                      worst uses for plaid, dancing, a sheep toss,
                      kilt rolling contest, mini-croquet,
                      shuttlecock, dancing  and a bardic circle as
                      well.  A feast will be held on saturday
                        The cost of all this is $3.00 per
                      person 16 years of age or older for the
                      entire weekend.  The feast shall be $5.00
                      for those 13 or older, $2.50 for the ages 6-
                      12 and any under 6 are free.  Please make
                      checks payable to: SCA,  Inc.-Shire of
                      Highland Foorde
                        Please send reservations to: Istvan
                      Dragosani (Brett McCoy) at 213 North
                      Maple Ave.,  Martinburg, WV 25401. 
                      Our Autocrat is Gustav von der Walder aus
                      Salzburg (Terry Molitor), farspeaker: (304)
                        Our facilities resemble Pennsic in that
                      we have flush toilets, hot and cold running
                      showers, laundry and bag ice on site.  This
                      is at a campground and there are several
                      convienence stores within fifteen minutes'
                      drive.  The site will open at 12pm Friday
                      and close at 1pm Sunday.  There is no site
                        Please be aware that because this is at
                      The Lazy A campground and we must
                      work with their rules.  The site is to be
                      discreetely damp: all containers must be
                      packed out.  Pets are welcome, but
                      "Dangerous Canines" such as Pit Bull,
                      Rottwieler, Wolves, etc. are not permitted
                      on site.  We ask that pet owners be
                      considerate of anyone with allergies. 
                      There are quiet hours between midnight
                      and eight.  Campfires are perfectly fine,
                      but nails must be removed.   SCA/East
                      Kingdom combat rules and lastly, this is a
                      tent or pavillion event.  Mundane RV's
                      will require the purchase of a Modern 
                      camping site for $14.75 per night.
                      Directions from anywhere:
                        Make your best way to I-81.  You
                      want WV exit 5, Inwood, Rt 51.  From
                      northbound turn left at the top of the ramp
                      and from southbound turn right.  Follow
                      SCA signs marking the way.  This is Rt 51
                      west towards Gerrardstown.  Make no turn
                      offs.  Be warned to observe the 35 mph
                      speed limit in the town.  Continue straight,
                      you will shortly be able to see the
                      mountainside.  At  the top of the mountain
                      turn left.  This is Rt 45 west.  Go down the
                      mountain, making no turn offs.  Turn right
                      at the Glengary Grocery.  Go 1.6 miles. 
                      Make a right turn between the Back Creek
                      Valley fire hall and Elementary school.  At
                      the end of the drive you will  see the site
                      and merely follow the gravel on around.

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