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Re: A light thought on fighting

Poster: "Chuck Graves" <chuck_graves@mail.hq.faa.gov>

>It is a far better thing to be small and fast than big and slow. 
>However a great number of SCA fighters are both big and fast.

Ah, yes. I remember being drafted into the Atlantian Light Troops. 
(That's the group of speedy fighters that take the initial sprint 
onto the Bridge.)

I like to account myself rather quick...until Cuan outpaced 
me...and outpaced the rest of the Atlantian Light Troops as I 
recall. (I was later told his time in the 40 is 4.x with x less 
than 5.) Needless to say, I wouldn't recommend standing in front of 
him when he's in a hurry.


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