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Assessment This Weekend!

Poster: Codexzine@aol.com

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Subj:    Assessment This Weekend!
Date:    96-07-23 18:01:50 EDT
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To all good gentles of a martial persuasion, greetings from Sir Corby.

Please forward this message to anyone whose name does not appear in the
header who you think needs to know about it.

As warlord for Atlantia's central region, I encourage you to attend this
weekend's Assessment Battles. This will be the final opportunity for us to
learn of your individual and group strengths before Pennsic.

It is also the last chance to authorize before the war.

I urge anyone who lives in the Virginia to attend. The site could not be more
central to all of us.

In particular, if you are from Virginia, but do not consider yourself to be
part of any baronial or shire-based unit or the Cavalry, I doubly urge you to
If you have no one you know who you want to fight with, no one who knows of
your abilities on the field, no voice in the War Council, then your ability
to be part of the plan, to have an effect in the battles and to have a good
time will be lessened.

I don't care what your unit is made up of or who's in charge. Whether you are
in the Loyal Foot Dragoons of the Marquis of Queensbury, or the House of the
Ravening Itch, if you consider yourself a part of a unit that will fight with
Atlantia, and you are from VA. south of Manassas, I need to find out about
you, what you are good at doing, what you like doing, and how many of you
there are.

If you want to have an impact on the war, we need to coordinate ourselves!
Please come to Assessment so we can do so.

If Assessment is impossible for you to attend, please call me (my address is
in the Acorn) or visit my camp (Caer Mear's) as soon as you arrive at the

I also encourage anyone from outside the Central Region to attend. We need
someone to practice with!

As ever, I am NOT subscribed to the Atlantia list, so please respond directly
to me via email, rather than to the list.

In service to the Crown,


Que Les Mauvais Soient De'vore' De La Flamme
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