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Re: ?

Poster: "Eric Jon Campbell" <ejcampbe@eos.ncsu.edu>

> There is never a better place to find what you want than the local tavern.
>  With that in mind, does anybody know what territory the mudane college of
> Clemson (in Clemson, SC) resides in?  Its in the very NW corner of the state
> if that helps.  Moreover, for the bonus round, do you also know the names of
> anybody of title in the respective area?  Email or anything remotely helpful
> would be greatly appreciated.  I'll soon be an Altantian myself, so I'd like
> to get properly aquainted.  I thank thou for thee's help and time.
> Geophri Robertwick Whitby
> Baronary of Darkwater
> Trimaris

Hi there I got this from
in service

Welcome to the Barony of Nottinghill Coill

The Barony of Nottinghill Coil runs west of I-95 in South Carolina
(roughly). It has 4 Cantons and they are:
Cyddlain Downs: Columbia S.C.
Falcon Cree: Greenville S.C.
Galyardes Bastion: Saluda S.C.
Kestrel's Keep: Sumter S.C.
Our Baron and Baroness are:
Corwyn Wodewarde and Deirde Morgan mka Bill and Cindy Hudson

Canton Of Falcon Cree
The home of Feast of The Thirty
We are located in Greenville South Carolina. We are in the Barony of
Nottinghill Coil in the Kingdom
of Atlantia.
Seneschal: Astil Alyson of Sandilands (mka Charles Turner) 625 Heathwood Dr.
Taylors, SC 29687
e-mail me at: shines1@ix.netcom.com

There can be only juan!
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Eric Jon Campbell Graduating <and employable;)> Textile Engineering at NCSU
(alias) Xavier Campbell amateur blacksmith and brewer
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