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potential new member - needs contacts

Poster: TamsinBark@aol.com

Can anyone please help??

A good friend of mine (E-mail listed above) is very interested in the SCA;
however, he lives in Wharton, NJ (Morris County).  He is having trouble
making contact with the local Seneschal or Castellan for that area.  He had
gotten in contact with an individual who said they would mail him information
(which has still not been received  :(     ) but that was a year ago and he
has since lost the phone number.  As I am still fairly new to this coast and
since he is not in Atlantia I can't help him out very easily.  Perhaps
someone on the Merry Rose would be able lead him in the right direction.  He
is open to receiving email's with any suggestions.  Additionally, he is
hoping to make Pennsic this year (a great achievement for someone not yet
active) - any hints that you may give him would also be appreciated - I have
provided him with the Pennsic web site info already.  Some questions he had
concerning Pennsic I could not answer since I myself have not had the
opportunity to go: such as can he drive up to an encampment and unload day
trip related stuff before going to the parking lot (he would, of course,
already have the encampment's permission to share their space), how far is
the walking in reality (we have heard many stories), what are the best
things, parties, etc to see (given arrival Thursday 2nd week), and the like.

I appreciate any help and guidance anyone can give to my friend and a
potential new member!

Tamsin Barker
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