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More Pennsic Travel

Poster: "Sharon Henderson" <sharon@intercon.com>

>From a friend in our household....

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Feel free to pass this around as needed...

Basically, there is ongoing construction on I-495 and the I-270
Spur in Montgomery County, MD.  Also several feeder and back roads
around this area are messed up in some fashion.  For someone who
commutes from No. Virginia to Rockville, MD... it gets interesting.

The interstates are under construction at almost all times except
rush hour.  495 varies between night and day work, where 270
is mostly day.  Things will be funky if you plan to go 
Northern Virginia ---> I-495 ---> I-270 ---> I-70 at any time,
but I have yet to see it degrade to a complete standstill 
(except in cases of accident or really late night construction).

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