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Re: Pennsic

Poster: Anjulimcd@aol.com

In a message dated 96-07-26 14:26:25 EDT, you write:

<< Hi Miriam and Meli,
 I'll be there on the 2nd. Somehow I got suckered into landgrab (although,
 come to think of it, no one twisted my arm *too* hard). 
 Just as a clarification- the Badgers have split into 2 camps this year.
 One group likes the peaceful quiet and wanted to camp in the trees. 
 That's Meli's camp in Dagen's Dell. The other wanted to keep the
 drumming and singing going til past midnight. We'll be camped at
 the same spot we were last year across the road from the spot
 formerly known as Tuchux Hill. 
Greetings, Gentles:

As a newcomer to Atlantia, I have to admit to still feeling more comfortable
with my friends from the East; therefore, I will be spending Pennsic with the
Barony of Bhakail.  (Last year I camped with Owl's Reste.)  Also, as a
budding practitioner of the art of period dance, I will be spending every
evening in the Barn (just like last year!) dancing till my ankles are swollen
and my feet complain too much to ignore!  And of course, since I have somehow
been honored with the Bardic Championship of Storvik (STILL trying to figure
out how I managed that!) I will be attending just about every bardic circle I
can find!

Unfortunately my lord is unable to attend the War this year, so I will be
bereft of companionship.  He has threatened to set spies on me to make sure I
behave myself - which is either an insult to my fidelity or a compliment to
my attractiveness, one of the two!  It's going to be a somewhat lonely
Pennsic without him - but I got along without him last year, so I'm sure I'll
find PLENTY to occupy myself - water-bearing for all the battles, dancing,
taking classes, etc.  This year, God willing, no strep throat!!!

Hope to see you all there!

Anjuli McDonald of Clanranald
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