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Re: More Pennsic Travel (and weather)

Poster: Lance Day <lday@access.digex.net>

> From: Dave Montuori <damont@dakota.widomaker.com>

> Allow considerable extra time for delays unless you're using a Secret Back
> Route (tm) -- and I've no idea what the road conditions are beyond
> Hagerstown anyway.
> Evan

I can help with that!

If you'll be sailing the Great East-West Highway in Maryland, otherwise known
as I-70 and then I-68 once you're west of Hancock, here's the latest on the
road conditions:

>From what I remember of my trip tonight; there is construction in progress
on I-70 for a few miles east of the exit for Rt 65 in Hagerstown.  I don't
recall offhand what the exit number is (29, I think) but it's the one with the 
Md. State Police and Large McDonald's (my usual stop-off).

Once you're past that area, it's pretty much clear all the rest of the way out
of Maryland and on into West Virginia on I-68.

My detailed knowledge of I-68 ends at exit 14 (in Md.), where I make my exit.

..nary a constable in sight the whole 173 miles..

*** Uryene's Pennsic Driving Tip ***

If you _are_ heading out Rt.68 through WV to then take I-79 North to the Holy
Lands, might I suggest a slight change of course?

Get off Rt68 at exit 14, and take Rt.40W  instead.

It heads (more or less) north-west, and re-joins I-79 in Pennsylvania at
Laboratory (exit 7).  It can be thought of as the hypotenuse of the
right triangle formed by Rt.40, Rt.68 and Rt.79.

It's a much more scenic way to go; and more enjoyable to drive.
(Fair warning: for those with antique addictions, there are many traps)

While it's not a major thoroughfare like the highways, it _is_ shorter, so
it all evens out.

As a matter of fact, it takes _exactly_ the same amount of time to go
from exit 14 on Rt.68 in Md. to Pennsic, taking either path.

Oh, and for War Weather on the Web, check out:
and in the box, type "New Castle, PA".  
When asked, select the one in Lawrence County...

(This makes a nice bookmark, or 'favorite place', depending on your browser)

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