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Re: Anatomy for Fighters 101

Poster: jonesj@SunBelt.Net (Phillip Jones)

On Sun, 28 Jul 1996 21:57:54 -0400, you wrote:

>> Is there someone out there qualified/willing to teach a class on the
>> physical effects of the blows that we are theoretically taking? What
>> happens when a tendon is severred, etc? Giacomo???
>Do you mean if the blades were real or the possible damage the rattan
>sticks/epees/whatever can inflict. Any of the tools we use "as is" is
>capable of messing up a tendon if either the attacking force or the 
>armor is wrong.
If the blades were real. I'd like to learn more about the physical
damage which would occur from various weapons applied in various ways.
What does that thrust REALLY do once it gets inside my forearm, etc.
And I see no real reason to limit the class to one weapon or fighting
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