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Archery idea

Poster: Dan Mackison <DanM@skantech.com>

Here's an archery idea that some autocrat may wish to run with...

	Several years ago the archers in Shire of Raven's Cove were grumbling.
Wars are fun, but driving to big war after war is hard on the auto and
pocketbook. Most events in the area were double elimination with the
archers "over the hill somewhere" shooting at stationary targets of one
type or another. 
	In response we hosted an event called Archer's Challenge. The feature
event was to be competition between teams consisting of two heavy
fighters and a combat archer. So many archers showed up that the teams
were adjusted down to pairs consisting of one fighter and one archer.
	The resulting combat was both challenging and fun with a bountiful
collection of successful and failed strategies. I seem to remember the
"mixed team" continuing at fighter practice for quite some time

Thomas MacFinn (Dan Mackison)
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