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Re: Mundane Military/SCA Overlap <was: My Thanks for the In

Poster: "Chuck Graves" <chuck_graves@mail.hq.faa.gov>

>This reminds me of a comment made many years ago, back when a group (a 
>shire I think) was organized on the USS Nimitz.  Ths comment involved that 
>group being the only shire with nuclear capability.  I don't think we were 
>ever really tempted to mention that in Pennsic negotiations......  :)
>Michael of Hammond

Tadhg carefully blows the dust off the Apocrypha SCA and turns to the Book of 

        And while on cruise in the Med, the Captain was told of the 
        occasion of a lofty observer.
        Whereupon, the Captain sent for his Marshall of SCA troops and 
        commanded him to commence exercise of weapons.
        And there was a great noise upon the decks from the clash of glave, 
        sword, and shield.
        Upon seeing this, the observer sent messengers to his leaders, 
        being enemies of the Men of the Nimitz.
        And the messengers said unto their leaders, Verily they prepare for 
        the gravest end. Even now, they train to battle us after a 
        holocaust AND be victorious.
        So are we told, how the Men of the Nimitz worked to preserve peace.
Sincerest regards,
Tadhg  8^)

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