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Re: Mundane Military/SCA Overlap <was: M

Poster: Michael Ford/HNS <Michael_Ford@notesgw.hns.com>

If you would like to think of the event on the Nimitz as a myth, delete this 

petersr@spiegel.becltd.com (Peters, Rise J.)

>Can't we just decide that this is the SCA equivalent of myth; =something= 
probably/maybe happened, it happened, if at all, the equivalent of several 
generations (measured in standard enlistment periods) back, and has come down 
through the hoary mists of time to inspire us?

Myths are fine.  But I just happened to be stationed on board the Nimitz and 
wanted to give it life with facts.  If a myth is to be told, it should have 
some consistency to the tale.  The only consistency between the versions that I 
heard was that it involved the Nimitz and Heavy fighters.  The truth is likely 
to be, someone from Curragh Mor wanted to have a fighting event onboard the 
Nimitz or maybe just a fighter practice, both of which got denied by the ship's 
officers.  However, this person told someone what they were trying and they 
told 2 friends and so on and so on... until there was a Russian (see: bad guy) 
bomber flying overhead (not an uncommon occurrence) and the Captain wanted to 
play with them( see: conduct unbecoming a commanding officer and possibly 
misappropriation of government resources).  Some myths are just to neat to be 
believable, sorry.

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