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Re: NJ Musings

Poster: Dave Montuori <damont@dakota.widomaker.com>

On Mon, 12 Aug 1996, Tamar responded to Alfredo and/or Edward:

> > Okay, but that bit about "mountains" in the state song _was_ a joke, no?
> > -- Alfredo

Okay. High Point is only 1803 feet above sea level. Alabama has what they
call mountains and they are nothing on NJ.

> Not a joke, unless you're from Denver or something like that...

Or from West Virginia. I lived in a house two blocks up South Watchung
Mountain, which starts in a valley only 35 feet or so above sea level, so
looks a lot higher than it actually is. OTOH, the *last* block of Walker
Road heading to the top of the mountain is a 55 degree angle! That's the
only road I've ever driven that forces *every* car into low gear.

> Having driven up Schooley's Mountain in summer, I decided never to attempt
> it in winter... 

I remember going to Camp Bernie, and Schooley's is certainly a driver's
nightmare. Though the western approach to the Blue Ridge Parkway near
Vesuvius VA was worse (please stop brandishing that mug, Alys)....

Evan, who remembers that we only called them "hills" east of Morristown.

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