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Re: NJ Musings

Poster: Sallie Montuori <foxdale@dakota.widomaker.com>

> I remember going to Camp Bernie, and Schooley's is certainly a driver's
> nightmare. Though the western approach to the Blue Ridge Parkway near
> Vesuvius VA was worse (please stop brandishing that mug, Alys)....
> Evan, who remembers that we only called them "hills" east of Morristown.

Would you rather I brandished an overripe tomato?  I'm sure I can find

I don't do mountains.  "Coastal plain," that's my mantra now...  NO!
I'm NOT going to drive that leg of the trip!  Do it yourself!

   Alys of Foxdale           | Vert, on a fess between three trees
foxdale@dakota.widomaker.com |     argent, a fox passant gules.

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