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Re: NJ Musings

Poster: "Edward R. Ewen, Jr." <tewen@gandalf.cs.wcu.edu>

In actual fact it was no joke.  As you get into the north-west portion of 
the state, you come slap bang into the Appalachians.  While not quite as 
impressive as the terrain here in CulloWHERE?, it is rugged just the same.

> Okay, but that bit about "mountains" in the state song _was_ a joke, no?

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The Chivalric Revival (of the 1550's)  represents an exercise in imagination.
Their chivalry allowed them a "historical idea of life, something drawn from 
an idealized past in order to lend a measure of meaning and an aura of 
sublimity to life in the present...."
"Those who recreate history are doomed to repeat it."
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