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Re: Photosquoze OED

Poster: "Sharon Henderson" <sharon@intercon.com>

> So far, I count four OED's in Atlantia. 
> -- Alfredo 

Make that six; being an over-achiever, I have two.  (well actually, I had one 
and hubby had one, and when we made a household back in <mumble, mumble> we 
then had two -- which makes life much simpler when we argue over definitions 
and derivations!  ("Ladies and gentlemen, to your OED's!  Make it a clean 
debate, no dirty tactics or footnotes in foreign languages unknown to your 
opponent.... all right, come out when you hear the herald's horn, and may the 
best scholar win!")

Anybody know if they have it on CD for computer geeks now??


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