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Cut n Paste from Online OED

Poster: Henry Best <jstrauss@gmu.edu>

heretic he.retik, sb. (a.) Forms: 4 eretik(e, 4-6 heretyk(e, 4-7 -ike, 
6-7 heretique, -icke, 6-8 -ick, 7- heretic; also 5
heretyc, eretyke, 5-6 herretyk, herytik(e, heretyck(e, erytyke, 6 eret-, 
erytycke, heretyque, herytyke, -ycke, hæretik, -ick(e,
7 -ique. a. Fr. hérétique (14th c.) ad. eccl. L. hæretic-us, a. Gr. 
airetkoj able to choose, f. aire-esqai to choose; subseq. in
eccl. writers (after airesij) heretical, heretic. OFr. had the popularly 
formed herege, also herite (see erege, erite). To French
derivation is due the position of the stress, as differing from words 
immed. from Gr. or L. such as a'sce.tic, theo're.tic: cf.

1. One who maintains theological or religious opinions at variance with 
the `catholic' or orthodox doctrine of the Christian
Church, or, by extension, that of any church or religious system, 
considered as orthodox. Also transf. with reference to
non-Christian religions.

     C. 1330 R. Brunne Chron. (1810) 320 The kyng said & did crie, pe 
pape was heretike; 

     A. 1340 Hampole Psalter x. 1 Heretikes & fals breper; 

     C. 1400 Maundev. (Roxb.) xvi. 73 If I be ane heretyc..pan es all 
heresy pat here es writen. 

     1556 Chron. Gr. Friars (Camden) 11 Thys yere was..an erytyke brentte 
in Smythfelde for eryse. 

     1563 Win3et Four Scoir Thre Quest. Wks. 1888 I. 71 Gif 3e heirfor 
haldis ws Catholikis to be hæretikis; 

     1611 Bible Transl. Pref. 8 Heretikes they call vs by the same right 
that they call themselues Catholikes, both being

     1638 Sir T. Herbert Trav. (ed. 2) 251 The Persian Religion at this 
day varies not from the Turks in any particle of the
     Alcoran; and yet they account one the other Hereticks. 

     1725 Watts Logic i. iv. Sect.8 When a papist uses the word heretics, 
he generally means the protestants. 

     A. 1856 H. Miller Test. Rocks ix. (1857) 357 Every form of faith has 
its heretics. 

     1874 Green Short Hist. vii. Sect.8. 430 The League rejected Henry's 
claims as those of a heretic.

2. By extension, One who maintains opinions upon any subject at variance 
with those generally received or considered

     1599 Shaks. Much Ado i. i. 236 Thou wast euer an obstinate heretique 
in the despight of Beautie. 

     C. 1620 A. Hume Brit. Tongue i. vii Sect.8 My antagonist..began that 
I was becum an heretik, and the doctour
     spering how, ansuered that I denyed quho to be spelled with a w, but 
with qu.

3. Comb., as 







     1563-87 Foxe A. & M; (1861) VII. i. 47 Pashur was..the chief 

     1895 J. J. Raven Hist. Suffolk 163 Gardiner and Bonner..were 
heretic-hunting and heretic-burning.

B. attrib. or adj. = heretical. rare.

     1382 Wyclif Titus iii. 10 Schonye thou a man heretyk [1388 eretik] 
aftir oon and the secunde coreccioun. 

     1606 Proc. agst. Late Traitors 2 That our said Sovereigne Lord the 
King..and whole Commonaltie of the realme of
     England..were heretique. 

     1682 Dryden Relig. Laici Pref. Wks. (Globe) 189 That they may be 
dispensed with in their obedience to an heretic

     1839 Morn. Herald. in Spirit Metrop. Conserv. Press (1840) II. 391 
He must consider it heretic and sinful to
     `search the Scriptures'. 

     1860 Motley Netherl. x. II. 63 To deprive the heretic Queen..both of 
throne and life.



hereticly -ykely

hereticly (-ykely) adv., as a heretic.

     1538 Wriothesley Chron. (1875) I. 90 Foure persons of the 
Anabaptistes heretykely bare fagottes the same daye at
     Paules Crosse.

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